I love DeviantArt.com…?!

Note: Since the original posting of this article,  learned that deviantART is a well hated website among many artists on the net. I guess from a non-artist perspective, it’s great… but as an artist, apparently not…

I discovered deviantart.com a few months ago… It has since become the most valuable website I’ve ever come across. It is THE place to find artists. Over the last few months I’ve worked with artists for pretty much every project that I am working on right now. A bunch of concept design artists for Of8, a new logo for kicksandsnares.com (it’s not up on the site yet), ads for my store &  I even hired someone to do a bad-ass piece of Naruto fan art for my office. It’s replaced YouTube as my #1 time-wasting site, even though I’m never really wasting time on it.  Three cheers for deviantart.com!

Note:  The Resources section is also extremely useful!

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