Lord Of The Rings Extended Infinity Nerd Edition Blu-ray…

Went over to Best Buy and picked up the Lord Of The Rings Extended Blu-ray set (aka The Infinity Nerd edition) today. Very handsome looking set, boasting a ridiculous 15 discs total. In all, an absurd 26 hours of special features… Can’t wait to get through them again. Looks like they kept the original appendices DVD’s intact and have an extra DVD of special features for each flick.

On a side note, I re-watched the LOTR trilogy with my brother in non-extended format for the first time since seeing the extended. Why the hell would Sauron take his eye off of Frodo to concentrate on the army OUTSIDE the gate of Mordor?! How did I not question this when I saw it in theaters the first time?!

PS I get bonus nerd points for the Naruto OST Import CD in the background of this pic.

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