Of8 Pre-Production Begins!!!!!!!!!!

I posted up an ad on craigslist a couple weeks ago looking for NYC area artists to do character design work for Of8. I got about 50 something replies from across the talent and experience spectrum. Today I did lunch with one of those talented artists: Warren.

We had a nice discussion over lunch. It’s a little funny, in an unprofessional way, that I figured I could go into a meeting like this and be able to reel off character details and ideas from the top of my head. Apparently I’m not too good at that. I need something visual to work off of. Also funny how I’ve never NOT been early to a meeting before, until I’m the one putting money up…

I asked Warren from a scale of 1 to 10 on how prepared he thought I was for the meeting. Warren rated me a 3, which probably means a 2 or 1 in reality. Still, we managed to work out the rough details of what I want for one of the main characters and we will tighten the design up during the revision process. This should be quite interesting.


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