The Cost Of Com

Open up a new web browser and type in ANY random 3 letter and/or number combination with a “.com” at the end of it. Try the strangest combinations you can.

Notice how most of them have some strange looking website on them? There is a reason for that (I’ll explain a little further down).





All of these domain names were and probably still are available to register at GoDaddy.

But that “.com” is so easy to remember… It’s so official looking… It looks so pretty…

Apparently OF8.COM was already registered by someone else.

Curious as to who was making use of OF8.COM, I went to my browser and typed it in. All that was there was a basic WordPress installation with no posts; no content whatsoever, nothing at all.  So I started imagining  some guy somewhere who used to play semi-pro baseball, Oliver Fratelli #8. He probably just gave up on setting up his baseball blog when his rotator cuff gave up on him. Oli would gladly sell me OF8.COM for a couple hundred bucks at most. But this was not the case. The site was owned by some guy named Gurhan, who lived in Turkey. Gurhan is a “domain baron”.

A domain baron is someone who buys domains and sits on them until someone like myself comes along and actually wants to use them.  Naturally they overcharge for them. So I hit Gurhan with a 300 dollar bid… Gurhan comes back asking for $3500!!!! After some thinking and a real gut check, I decided that I’d hit him with a $2000 bid and see if he went for it. He did. I was pretty nervous about buying something from a guy overseas, so I hired GoDaddy to facilitate the transaction. They charged me $270 to essentially do nothing since I ended up doing all the work anyway.  Then, took a cut too, which brought the price up to around $2500. At this point, $2500 seems like a lot of money just so I can place a “.com” at the end of my site, but I think in the long run it’ll definitely pay off.

Side Note: After the transaction went down and I finally owned, Gurhan sent me this message…

You could get 1 more 3 char. Domain, for example i sell only $300.

Thanks Gurhan. If Of8 doesn’t pan out, I at least know I can begin my next fantasy epic Ouy and save two thousand dollars on the domain name.


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