The Return Of The Real: Berserk Is Back!

Berserk is one of the creative properties out there which I truly consider as one of the fathers of Of8. Berserk creator, Kentaro Miura, has created a unique world with a great mythology and placed one of my favorite characters, Guts (fka “the 100 man slayer” aka “it’s not a big deal for me to slay 100 men anymore, so stop calling me that”), right in the middle of it. Enjoy a picture of Guts cutting a few people in half.

There is no character in the history of storytelling that deserves to get his revenge more than Guts.

I randomly came across the news that they are bringing the Berserk anime back in full force. Apparently they are releasing a full length movie some time this year, which will be followed by a television run. They are rebooting the entire story from the start, which makes sense considering they left out some major manga-only plot elements in the original Anime. I really couldn’t be happier about this. I completely wrote off any chance of Berserk ever coming back in anime form. It’s been almost 13 years since the anime ended.

Here are the 5 all too short commercials for the new manga, which I’m assuming have clips from the new show.

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