Where to Find Concept Artists Online…

I have a great imagination, but… I draw like a 3-year-old. So I need to hire talented artists to work with me on all of the design work that is needed for Of8.  About a month ago I began my quest to find some talented artists.

I’m not big on collaborating creatively 100% over the internet. So initially I placed an ad on craigslist with the hopes of linking up with some local artists. I got about 50 responses. The responses came from a bunch of artists who span the entire experience and talent board. Out of all of them I reached out to one artist. We are currently working on a character design, but I still wanted to work with multiple artists.

After some googleing I came across the website conceptart.org. I have since found out that this is THE place to go if you are looking for up and coming concept artists… I posted up an ad on their forums a couple weeks ago. Since then I have received over 400 applications! Besides the forum, they have a list of their top artists (rated by popularity on the site).  If you find yourself ever in need for some design work, CA is definitely a great place to start.

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